The Attack of the Serpents

(Please ignore the cringey title - I am not creative in the slightest. Also all the art was from the gallery so thanks to whoever made those :heart: :heart: :heart: )

Battle legions of snakes with the power of time at your hand in MakeCode Arcade! Currently, this project is still in beta but I wanted to submit at least 1 part before the deadline. Also, please do not steal it because by the time you read this, I would have submitted this. Hopefully, I can finish part 2 but no promises :slight_smile:


  • Fighting snakes (Which spit fireballs at you)
  • (Cheesy) storyline
  • Skippable dialogs
  • Closed captioning for sound effects
  • Progress save and reset
  • ????????? which can be toggled with the following key combination: ???????????????? (Don’t peak I know you will :slight_smile: Also the first 4 keys are reoccurring so you only need to guess a 4-key combination and just repeat it 3 more times. )

Note that this game is quite resource-intensive, averaging 110 sprites per “sub-part” and a 50x30 tilemap. ????????? definitely does not help with the frame rate.


  • Up/Down/Left/Right - Move character (only works while not in “story” part)
  • A - Fight (only works while not in “story” part)
  • B - Toggle time slow down (only works while not in “story” part)
  • Menu - Skip this dialog (only works while in “story” part)

Press B and reset to bring up the reset dialog which can reset all of your progress.


Awesome use of the story extension! Love the attention to detail, too. The villagers moving around is a great touch!


Part 2 is released! (Same link as above)

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Fun boss battle!


nice game!


Very good


very good game! although it is too big for my pygamer ;-;


@UnsignedArduino Is it ok if I use the villager walking around code for my game jam entry?

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Of course!

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