The Blue Knight's Adventure

The Blue Knight’s Adventure
Hey guys! I needed help with making the HP decrease (when you hit an enemy), increase (when you collide with a health point) and reset (when you finish a level). And so far, I thought what I did could work, but once I went through the game, the HP got a little bit too overpowered and colliding with enemies made the HP bar decrease a tiny bit. What I would like to have is the HP stay at a certain amount and the max amount doesn’t change. Hope that works!
Movement → arrows/WASD
Jump → W/space
Double Jump → press W/space again (not fast)

See you guys later, and thanks,
Shadow Knight

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Hmm looks familiar…

I think you need to change the value of the status bar, like when the knight overlaps with a heart.

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Do you know how I should code it?

It’s the same as the hearts, just negative

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