The Grennanator v1.0

hi this is my first game please leave feedback on it thankyou
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This game seems cool. I suggest you add some sort of rule or instructions, also looking at the code , I think you should make the boss randomly spawn because currently the boss spawns every 5 seconds. Finally the name caught my eye, I love the Grennanator.

That won’t do it - if random returns 6789, then it will delay for 6789 seconds every time. You should put that code in a forever block and put the random block in a pause.

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The time that is set in the ‘on game update every’ is fixed. So each time you play a new game, it will be random, but fixed for the current game session. An alternative to spawning a sprite at a random period of time, is to set a variable = ‘game time since start’ + random time. Then in a normal game update, you check that variable is less than the ‘game time since start’, spawn the enemy and set the variable again. For example: