The Mighty Papyruses Glorious Game

I, the Great Papyrus, are challenge you to play my game!

Filled with my home-made, cutting-edge, spaghetti-catching technology, you play as me, with a plate on my head. That annoying lump of bones called Sans is spilling all my childre—I mean Spaghetti! Every now and then, you get an upgrade, increasing the value of every spaghetti caught! Not only that, but you can also save your progress, so you never lose you perfect score!


I’m getting some Undertale vibes…


same… kinda looks like a skeleton ngl…

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Yes, that was my intenti— AAAAAAAA intense fighting noises Sorry, some crazy skeleton just took over my computer. Anyway, hi!

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hmm… gee i wonder why?


Also, I thought ur name was “Fungus” not “The Great Papyrus”