This game is different, use your coding skill to play

Lead your hero out of the dungeon using your coding skill.

Remember to play in code editing mode.



did you make the dungeon blocks? This game is amazing! Its really surprising. Also how do you pass the third level with the cooking @felixtsu

Hmmmm. level 3 we need to help our hero to decide the correct recipe according to the ingredients (in the chest)


Tomato + Rice = tomato rice
Egg + Rice = FriedRice
Tomato + Egg = TomatoEgg

Oh ok

This is terrific - I love the twist of coding more to escape.

Great job!

And level three was tricky - waiting for level 4 :pray: :smile:

You wouldn’t happen to have a guide for how you made the extension would you? Or did you just follow the default extension guides?

Spoiler alert, don’t read the extension code before finishing the game.

The dungeon extension repo is here:

The extension has a prototype:

I made this kind of playgrounds for my students, they must master some idea in programming to play. This one tests their mastery of variable, state identification and representation of states using variables, say in level 2, they need to be able to identify there’s 4 states ( facing UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT), and using that state to decide the direction of the firing projectile when A/B button is pressed.

But, their imagination and out-of-the-box thinking always catch me by surprise, like, wiping the walls in the tilemap editor, destroying the sprites, changing the tiles, etc. I have to hide those things, so writing some ‘magic blocks’ for them came to my mind.

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Wow very complicated

There’s now a level 4 … in beta :rofl:

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oh no its javascript isn’t it. i have no experience in java

By the way, JavaScript is different from Java.

Wow I’m surprised :astonished:

Wait how

I think they were just showing how to update the version of the game if you have an existing game - we don’t currently have a way to do that within blocks, so you just have to switch to javascript, update the extension as they showed (the little version button), and switch back.

Re: Java vs JavaScript, they’re actually completely different languages (though they both fall into a set of languages that have similar syntax / that “look” similar). The only real connection is that the company that owns the name “JavaScript” apparently wanted it to be seen as a companion to Java (more details in this stackoverflow post). And for anyone interested, there’s a bit more to the JavaScript you write in MakeCode - you can see a description of that on our language page.

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I never learned java or JavaScript or anything with writing for codes

Lvl 4 is still in blocks. After a nice meal, our hero is now in front of a secret chamber full of magic enemies, he also get a new ability to give answer.