Through the Ages: Childhood

Right: Move right
Left: Move left
Up: Jump

Down: Buy Extra Jumps (Uses 10 points)
A: Use Extra Jump
B: Get trail effect

There are 9 achievements in the game.
Here are the list of achievements:

  1. Basic Treasure Hunter (Collect 1 Basic Chest).
  2. Master Treasure Hunter (Collect at least 1 of each type of chest).
  3. Up in the Air (Jump on a spring).
  4. Bookworm (Collect all Papers of Life).
  5. Rock n Roll (Collect all Music of Life).
  6. Back to the Start (Find the teleporter).
  7. Immunity (Walk on poison).
  8. Get Out in Time (Go into timer mode in Level 7 and beat it in time).
  9. Safer than Sorry (Play through the game with no deaths).

Hope you have fun in this game! :smiley:


this game is actually cool

Good game!

this game is the BEST