Tilemap error

I have a student who created a tilemap - all was working correctly, as I had checked in with them earlier. They then reported to me that their tilemap had “gone weird”. TileMapError1.jpg is an image of the tilemap - TileMap2Error2 is what the student is seeing. Anyone got any ideas of why this might be the case?


Hmm… this is not a common bug, the Makecode Team might be able to help you. You can report this on the Makecode editor GitHub page.

Appreciate your reply. Will do.

Kind regards


I don’t see anything wrong with it.
The camera is only capturing a small part (as it should)
If you copy the tilemap into another makecode project, you can keep it.

But sometimes, when I make projects, Makecode will transfer my tilemap tiles from one project to another (I don’t know why).