TilemapPath extension

A pathing extension similar to Joey’s A*!


Note that this uses the A* extension internally to calculate how to go from point to point. It’s designed for games like tower defense where the paths don’t change so you only have to make one and use it a bunch. Note that when you call create path that it may take a while depending on how big your tilemap is cause it’s doing a bunch of A* calculating for each point.


This is GREAT! I wrote a really hairy piece of code to kind of do this but this extension is much cleaner.
Is there a way to set the speed of following the path? I’m experimenting with writing a Chuckie Egg type game and the path following would help with the birds in the game - if I could slow them down a bit.

thanks !


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If you click on the plus symbol in the follow tilemap path block it should show a speed option :slight_smile:

D’oh! - thanks!

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New blocks:

Important if you are updating from previous versions of TilemapPath: I’ve renamed the handler for the sprite finishes tilemap block, so if you are updating the extension, before you switch to JS mode drag the blocks in the on sprite finishes tilemap path out and delete that block, the update. Once you switch back to blocks, you can then drag out a new on sprite finishes tilemap path handler and put your old blocks back in.