Time Man! (My Jam Subbmission)

Time Man is a platformer where you can freeze time to stop flying boulders. You can use these boulders as platforms. Stay away from toxic slime, which kills you (boulders bounce off of this), and work your way through quicksand, which stops you from jumping. Have fun!

This game is unfinished. It only has boulders (I planned to add more things like turbines and moving platforms) and only has one level. However, it is still playable.

Here is a walkthrough -


make “A” jump and “B” time stop
tbh, it feels weird not having “A” as jump.
Great game!

Oh, I’m used to the up arrow being jump because the character is going up. If you want, you can edit the code and make your own version :slightly_smiling_face:.


made that


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Thank you!

no problem

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