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Translations in Context

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Excellent ! That’s a really good improvement, context is really important when translating.

A question for you: On the left column, we can only translate the first category in the list, is it a known issue ?



Due to the complexity of the block editor and toolbox, the in-context translation system is not always able to pick up the changes. This looks like a bug but we might not be able to fix this. In this case, you’ll have to go back to the crowdin interface.

Hi All
I am trying to document the problems I have been encountering while using the in-context translation feature. I sent a message to the Crowdin group, but since I cannot include pictures in that environment, I am trying this one for better documentation purposes.

  • First problem was not being able to get into the translation mode of the editor from Chrome while signed in as a Chrome user. The reply indicated that I should try to get in as a GUEST from Chrome. This is working but is cumbersome, as i am not able to access my bookmarks etc while in this mode. so i have to resort to signing in on another instance on Chrome as a regular user, while editing the MakeCode in the guest mode.

  • Second issue is with not being able to display the full set of commands for certain categories of menu items: Radio, Text, Game. Here are screenshots of screens displayed:

Since new users are only allowed 1 pic per post, I have to use multiple posts for the other pictures.

  • Related to the above issue, on Math category the MIN and MAX commands display incorrectly:

  • when HELP is selected for a block, the translated help text does NOT display for editing and corrections.

Other than these issues, the in-context translations are a real big help while translating and approving the materials. It was very hard, while not impossible, to determine the context of the translation string before; which led to many errors. The new way is surprisingly fast in picking up the changes. Some of them are visible within minutes, while others are within a few hours. Thanks for this MakeCode team.



When the blocs pile up on the top of the category, it means that one of the translations is broken and we were not able to trap it early. You would want to review every translations for those blocs.

We are aware of the signing issues in chrome and we are working with crowdin to have a fix on those.