Trash Panda: The Game

Please help Lynn the Trash Panda get to the top of the UBS building!

This is our latest MakeCode Arcade game and Learn Guide. It’s inspired by Rampage-style building climbing games, and based on a real life story of one intrepid raccoon!

You’ll rapidly tap the A or B button to climb on the right or left side of the building to avoid falling bricks and flying crows. crow_flap_right

There’s a huge slice of pizza power up that spawns on one random tile as well to give Lynn a life boost.

Made with Blocks and one tiny bit of JS for the gliding “laser” sound effect. There’s also a camera offset hack that may be of interest to people, using the center on sprite block and some invisible “null” sprites.

Plays well on PyGamer, I’d love to hear from people with other hardware.


Works well on the BrainPad Arcade and looks gorgeous!

If any of you are having trouble getting the game to load, try loading it into beta. The game will not compile with the current production version (0.8.11).

Loved watching the video of you making this one, @jedgarpark. I had a lot of fun playing it, too! Nicely done!

Thanks Alex! Oh, and great note, thank you, I should include a note for version with these games, I pretty much only am using Beta right now.

Love that it’s based on a true story.

Well, the 9 year old, Xandria changed out the raccoon to a Princess and the pizza to an ice creme cone and won ! On the Meowbit. But…how do we get the cover image to be a Princess? We don’t see that in the code. She’s on the way to her first orthodontist appointment and took the console so the gals working in that office will see “Trash Panda” with Princess sprite for the first time on a Meowbit. Link to the share URL is in the description of the YouTube video: Thanks John Park…
Sorry, we found it. But inserting the Princess looks odd because she’s just little and in the upper left corner of the screen. We’ll have to look at the JavaScript ? to alter the size and add text to the cover image. We haven’t yet tried enlarging sprite image in the game or adding text.

Very cool, I love to hear about customization/personalization of games!
The splash screen is a background image which I created externally, since it’s difficult to create 160x120 graphics in the sprite editor. But it can be done! so have Xandria look for the set background image to block in the Intro function and edit that.
If you want to enlarge the sprite and add text you’ll need to use an external tool such as Piskel and import it with the asset tool – I cover that workflow in this Learn Guide.


I love this article! Excellent discussion about tools used, and I love that you tossed in some music theory about chords. Kudos, John!