Trial of a squire

BEHOLD! But before you do, I need help with some things!

  1. could someone whip up a megaman-esk stage select with 6 empty boxes and a villege in the middle of the boxes
  2. wanna be an NPC? or have any ideas for Boss Dialouge?

This game follows a Squire named Titus, on his quest to become a real knight, with his trusty sword (main attack BTW) and his freind The mirror mage (possible 2nd player) he sets out to beat the 6 knights of Sheildion (kingdom of the game) Time knight, Greed knight, Wandering swordsman, Floral Knight, Heavy knight and Bounce Knight. So that he can gain their abilities to prove his worth to his Master: Sir Knight! (final boss) This will look and feel alot like an Snes or Nes game, (ala Shovel Knight (: ) but have a lot of modern flare to it like the Base attack: a combo sword move.

If you want to help PLEASE DO! I’m gonna put out the base code sometime this week…might sound ambitious but realy this is one of my simplest projects (I dream big) ANYONE WHO HELPS WILL BE CRETIDED IN THE CREDITS!

Hey, i’d love to be an npc. Perhaps a guide of some sort, to help with confusion in such a big game! I can’t do much in terms of coding a stage select- i’m mostly an art person lol.

any help I can get would be awsome! What would be your name? and your sprite design? (a human? A mage of some sort? Perhaps a billboard?)

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Although the billboard is a tempting offer, I’d prefer to be a little blue fairy! Dragondoodle is a fine name. The fairy is very simple in the image, just a light blue fairy with one flower eye and optional blush!


Yo, can I be an NPC? The name would be Cubey and it’s the character in my pfp.

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I wanna be an npc just make me a green stickman with a broken crown like i was the old king and you can find me in secret places on the map.

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What would he do? (there will be only 8 NPCS!) He needs lore too

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and can i give like upgrades to the sword to add more combo

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or damage or just upgrade things for you

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Opsticks and anyone who might want to make an NPC here are some guidelines:

  1. Needs a Sprite that is Made using makecode!
  2. Lore and a function (reason they are there and what they do)
  3. MUST have Dialouge!!!

(opsticks that could work! but we need a name and If at all possible could it not be a stick man? (i’ll add it as a stick man) but I really would like to have it be something like a human? or mabye a Rock-Man! (snowman made with molten rocks!) for Gizmo Knights stage!)

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Will anyone help with Code? (I need Help with the code!!! Can’t do it all by myself!)

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How big should the sprite be? And how much dialouge?

As big as you deem it worthy (note i’ll be converting all sprites exept SOME enemy sprites to 32 x 32 sprites (or less))

Again dependent on their role and how much you want them to say! For instance You could have them say a whole bunch…so much that Titus acctually falls asleep! :grinning:


alright here we go
Name: Cubey


It’s literally in my pfp. Black border/outline and then purple and blue stripes.

Lore and Function

The lore is that they traveled from the Cubeworld to sell various things from the Cubeworld like “Sweet Sea Seaweed Pepper” or the “Piercing Orb” Now if you want specific times here:

Sweet Sea Seaweed Pepper (SSSP)
Allows for passive healing, alternative: a usable item that heals you.

Piercing Orb
A weapon type.

Mini Cubey
A miniature version of Cubey that tells you interesting facts and/or tips about the game.

The Cubecookie
A cookie that heals you on use and gives you a sugar-rush buff (Increased speed and decreased cooldown)


Hello! I’m from Cubeworld. My name? Oh, it’s Cubey!

Second Time (more so shop open):
Want to see my shop?

Purchase SSSP
Great choice! It heals you!

Purchase Piercing Orb
Oh, that’s a new weapon you can use!

Purchase Mini Cubey
Oh… bring me along and I may annoy you, but you can also gain tips from me!

Purchase The Cubecookie
Oooooh, you want a sugar rush, don’t you?

Close Shop
Oh… goodbye!

Yeah, that’s really all, sorry if it’s A LOT

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you kind of missed the “i” in my name but its ok


Draw a green stickman with a broken crow


King Sticks was once a mighty ruler, respected and admired by all who knew him. He was known for his wisdom, his courage, and his unwavering dedication to his people.

However, his downfall came when he became too trusting of those around him. A conniving advisor convinced him to make a disastrous decision that led to the loss of his kingdom and the scattering of his people.

But even in defeat, King Sticks did not lose his spirit. He turned his attention to honing his skills in combat, determined to become a formidable warrior who could one day reclaim his throne.

With his natural talent and unyielding determination, King Sticks quickly rose through the ranks of the greatest swordsmen in the land. He learned ancient techniques and discovered new ways to enhance his fighting abilities, becoming a true master of the blade.


As the player progresses through the game, they can find King Sticks hidden in secret places throughout the world. Each time they find him, he will teach them a new technique to upgrade their combo attacks.

To initiate the upgrade process, the player must approach King Sticks and interact with him. He will then provide a brief explanation of the new technique and demonstrate how it works. The player must then practice the technique until they have mastered it.

Once the player has successfully learned the new technique, they will be able to use it in their combo attacks, making them more powerful and effective in battle. The more techniques the player learns from King Sticks, the more formidable their character will become.

Finding King Sticks in these secret places will not only provide the player with valuable upgrades, but also add an additional layer of exploration and discovery to the game.


King Sticks: "I used to be a king, ruling over my tiny stick kingdom. But now, I am nothing but a mere stick figure."

Friend: “What happened? How did you lose your kingdom?”

King Sticks: “I made a mistake, a grave error in judgment. I trusted the wrong person and it cost me everything. My kingdom was taken from me, and I was left with nothing.”

Friend: “I’m sorry to hear that. But remember, a king is not defined by his crown or his title. It’s about the way he carries himself and the way he treats his people. You can still be a great leader, even without a kingdom.”

King Sticks: “You’re right. I may have lost my crown, but I still have my honor and my integrity. And that’s worth more than any kingdom.”

King Sticks: “Ah, it’s good to see you again. You know, I may have lost my kingdom, but I haven’t lost my spirit for battle. I’ve been practicing my swordsmanship, and I’ve even discovered a way to upgrade my combo attacks.”

Friend: “That’s great news, King Sticks! How did you do it?”

King Sticks: “Well, I’ve been studying the ancient texts on sword fighting and I came across a technique that allows me to channel my energy into my sword. It makes my strikes more powerful and enables me to perform faster combos.”

Friend: “That sounds incredible. Can you teach me this technique?”

King Sticks: “Of course, my friend. I may no longer have a kingdom, but I still have the knowledge and skills that come with being a king. Let’s train together and become even stronger warriors.”

it depends how many you add of e aournd the mapp but i like to have different dialouge each time if thats fine with you?



SO Sorry for the wait guys!

@VerticalBoosts VerticalBoosts You saved me 2 hours of coming up with good items! the Peircing orb will need some tweaking though! It’ll freeze all enemies on the screen for a short time.
@Opisticks (sorry about the I!) I’ll add your charechter but he won’t teach titus new moves, thats the job of the knights BUT if its okay with you I can make it so that you will refill all their ability meter’s (6 ability meters Btw) but only if your cool with it.


Sure but make me in secret places on the map



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Opsticks Do you want me to make going to your “kingdom” a side quest within a level? (you’d still appear in all levels but your kingdom would only appear in one)

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