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Trogdor: Endless Burnination v0.1 - Microsoft MakeCode

My first ever game, made on MakeCode Arcade! I learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and wrote more about the process of making this game on my website:

Basic rules:

You are Trogdor, on a quest to Burninate with the press of the “A” button.

+1 point for chowing down (running into).
+0 points for burninating.

+2 points for burninating.
-1 heart for getting attacked by one.

Thatched-roof Cottage:
+5 points for burninating.
-1 heart for crashing into one.

-1 heart for getting arrowed (ow, my skin!).
Cannot be burninated.

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I love the art in this game! You mentioned in the post on your site that you wanted to know how to make it fire out of Trogdor’s mouth; the easiest way would be to add a change {projectile} y by -10 when you create the projectile, so that it is offset to about where the mouth is:


I also used the z index so that the fireball is drawn behind the dragon, so it appears more like it’s coming out of the dragons mouth

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Wow, thank you so much for the feedback and advice on how to make improvements to the game! I’ll include this in the code on v1.0!

Thank you again!

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Love this so much, it was my pick for Game of the Week

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