"Trust" issues

Hey, I’m needing to DM someone, ( I’m on Trust Level 2 ) specifically @BlastBoxGames, and according to the Discourse staff a message button / option should appear. It doesn’t. I am trying to DM @BlastBoxGames because we gotta think what kind of game we should make, but I haven’t had success.
Can someone help?


The mods have DMs disabled, you’ll have to just do it in a topic

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DMs have been disabled in this forum. (Search for “DMs” and you’ll see topics/posts about it and why it’s disabled)

Other people in the user-created game jam you are participating in have created separate topics, that while unfortunately are public, are the only ways to communicate separately in this forum.

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DMs are disabled for everyone but mods but we can just use this topic to discuss the game

You can’t DM people at trust level 2 (mainly because nobody, not even the mods, will know what you are sending to others. Might be an easy way to get around the laws)