Trying to display timer variable but overwriting

So for some reason the countdown on my timer variable is displaying, but previous values are still on the screen. ???

The set textSprite to text sprite "" block should only be used the first time that you are creating a text sprite. You want to use the set textSprite text "" block in your loop since that block will just change the value of the already existent text sprite.

Thanks so much! That totally makes sense. I knew I was missing something…

Followup question – is there a way to do this without the textsprite extension? I was trying to replicate the same functionality from Scratch, and this seems more complicated.

Again, thanks.

You can achieve a similar effect without using extensions by using the set mySprite to sprite of kind Player block followed by a a mySprite say "" block. It is not nice, I’d recommend using the extension. @richard, @shakao, or @jwunderl might have a better idea.


Thanks again! I think it’s nice. Not having to use an extension is a plus in my book.

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No worries! Glad I could help :slight_smile:. The first page of extensions are those approved by the MakeCode team, so you can add them to your projects without worry. Extensions published by individuals will still work, but you have to search them in the search bar. Regardless, I can understand the appeal of making a game with default tools available. The extensions are meant to support more advanced users who don’t want to spend time building the same functionality that already exists.