Trying to spawn random enemies

My student set the random image but that changes how the enemy ship looks it doesn’t spawn a new enemy ship. How do we spawn a new enemy ship that you can shoot at


I unfortunately couldn’t figure this out
I left a note in the code
@UnsignedArduino we need you lol


This was a good refresher to have a play around with.

What I did was: Create an array of images (for what the sprite could look like), on start…

On the game update; I created an enemy sprite and then chose the image randomly from the list. I also included a feature where it can shoot back.

I have not used projectiles when there are enemies that shoot back at you because this can cause conflict when you are using the overlap block (I.e… on sprite of kind ‘projectile’ overlaps with ‘enemy’… you’re setting yourself up to fail when the enemy shoots a projectile and kills itself)… so this is why I made them separate sprites of their own unique kinds.

I hope this helps?

All the best

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I hope this fixes it! The image was set to list! The lmage has to be pick random from list!

(Just a quick fix the rest is up to you!)

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thanks this is just what he was looking for

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