Turtle: LOGO in arcade

This is a small extension that implements a turtle in arcade…

Help and contributions welcome!


You’re my hero, @peli ! I’ve been debating whether to start working on an extension like this. Logo has so many appealing things about it as a language, and its turtle graphics feel like a rite of passage for grammar-school-aged kids. Logo is much more than its turtle graphics, of course, but even if we limit ourselves to just the turtle mechanics, there still are so many things that we can explore.

Thanks for bringing this to MakeCode Arcade, my friend! I hope you and the rest of the team are all well. Stay safe and stay healthy!


This is a rather old extension and I think we could tweak it a bit to turn any sprite a to a turtle.

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I’ve extended the library to also support wrapping any sprite into a turtle… so you can have as many turtle as you want really.


I would be grateful if someone could draw a turtle…

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 7.51.05 PM
Here, a turtle


Looks great! Can I have it in all direction? Could you share the program?