Two player fighting

I can make the animations

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ok but i already know how but still it’s fine because im always busy and sometimes i just don’t have time

You really needs animations because you don’t really know if you actually hit the other person

ok ill maybe do it at night ok

ok thx ill try it tmrw

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sorry i still don’t update its because im too busy but ima add the animation that punches and a crashing sound but i’ll maybe finish it at 2:50 something or at 3:00 but it depends it’s because i have to go to my codings class

or maybe you can do the animations hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ok you can do it because if no i will never do it ok

ill try

But i won’t because at the end the game nothing happends

oh i meant @Purp13

Ahh didn’t se the reply

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while sure I can make the animations the best I can.

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I mean I’d use felixtsu’s extension but this looks pretty good.

this is what it looks like now

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i realize that the button is back wards, do you want it to animate like that?

Oh i’ll fix that.

oh i already did

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