Ultimate Plinko

Bored as heck, I’ve decided to make a Plinko game!
I’ve also taken inspiration from @Dreadmask197’s Plinko as well.

Use the arrow keys and A to select a mode. Then use the left and right arrow keys to move the dropper left and right. Then press A to drop a coin. It cost 25 points to drop a coin.

I’ve used @richard’s 4x4 tilemap extension for this game. (which also supports 2x2 and “1x1, at your own risk” :joy:) Yet this game works on hardware too! (At 20FPS on a PyGamer)

Also the poles disappear and reappear. Have fun and post your high scores!


100 secs my score is 1700

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405 on easy

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i got 530

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My score:

1920 on easy
510 on regular
315 on hard
430 on fast