Unable to download the TEALS Introduction to Computer Science curriculum Microsoft MakeCode Arcade as its core t

the download links take me to the link(https://github.com/microsoft/TEALS-MakeCode-IntroCS) where the course material uses SNAP BUT I am looking the the IntroCS with Makecode Arcade not with SNAP

where can I find the course material described below - Please can you provide me the download link for it.

Introduction to Computer Science with MakeCode Arcade

The Introduction to Computer Science with MakeCode Arcade curriculum is a flexible and approachable course adapted from the TEALS Introduction to Computer Science curriculum and built with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade as its core teaching platform. The curriculum similarly has its roots in UC Berkeley CS 10. This is a course for a wide range of high school students from diverse backgrounds. The original TEALS course has been successfully implemented in hundreds of high schools.

Introduction to Computer Science with MakeCode Arcade is an engaging course that explores a variety of basic computational thinking and programming concepts through a project-based learning environment. Every unit culminates in a comprehensive project and roughly 75% of student time is spent building projects and practicing the skills they are learning.

Happy to help. You can find the link to the Arcade curriculum near the bottom of the arcade homepage:

Here’s the direct link:

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Thank you SO MUCH for responding ; I followed the link you send but I still don’t see the course curriculum download. Note, I am looking for the following: (lesson plan, instructors guide, slides etc . WHERE are all these materials - I have spend hours looking for it but I don’t see the link of download anywhere for the MakeCode Arcade curriculum. I need it urgently.


Course Materials

The course materials include:

  • Daily Lesson plans in the form of:
  • Instructor guide word document
    • Student guide word document
  • PowerPoint slide decks for classroom lectures with talking points in the Notes section
  • Student projects, labs and activities include Bell Ringers (with solutions where appropriate)

Access Course Materials

You must be a verified educator to download the course materials. Please create a GitHub Educator account, see the instructions here (https://makecode.com/github-teacher-verification).

Download the course materials: https://aka.ms/TEALSintroCS

The Instructor Guide makes a reference to :

Lab activity
Lab solutions are available in the instructor resources for this course.

WHERE can I find the instructor resources?
Thank you Microsoft for building the MakeCode Arcade course but its needs to be better organized to be useable in a classroom setting.
I am having so much troubling just accessing the Intro CS Makecode ARCADE course.
Each file has to be individually downloaded - instead of it being available as a consolidated zip folder.
Please let me know where the Lab solutions are posted. - my email is pgupta@brunswickschool.org

Hello Mrs. Gupta,

If you already have access to the course materials repository on GitHub, there is a built-in option to download all the files as a zip. Click the code button when you first navigate to repo
and then hit the Download ZIP button.

The link you sent does not work -

thank you for your response.
the green ‘code’ button takes you to the zip folder which I downloaded BUT it has the course material with SNAP. But I am looking for the Intro CS with MakeCode Arcade - I need the course along with the Instructor solution for all the labs.
PLEASE HELP- i have been requesting the link for this course from a week.

We’ll take a look.

Hello Mrs. Gupta, and thank you for your interest in the TEALS Intro to CS with MakeCode curriculum. The course materials are posted in a GitHub repository located at https://github.com/microsoft/TEALS-MakeCode-IntroCS

This is a private repository, and you will need to get verified as an Educator with GitHub before you can access it. More information on how to get verified here: https://makecode.com/github-teacher-verification.
Please let me know if you need any more information.
Thank you,