Undertale Recreation

hi! so i am making a undertale recreation, can some people help me? i am planning on splitting it up into parts. the hardest part to do is the rpg part, so can someone do that part? thanks!

ive got a sans sprite. A preview of your asset (eg image, tile, animation)

I have created a undertale sans battle on another account I guess you can use it

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Undertale I see.

i am going to try and recreate snowdon

might take awhile because i am working on my game gusses adventure

This is just the start I can’t remember what happens after they get trapped underground though I know most everything there is to it but the story.

okay. ill look for a walkthrough link

Thanks that will help really all i need is what each map looks like and what the rest of the story is it would also make it better if someone can make the art for the story that’s just the beginning of what this game needs I can code it all though so don’t worry about coding it into the games I can code everything

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i feel like the hardest part is gonna be combat so im gonna do art lol

hmm this is interesting