Unofficial Game of the Week by Lucas Mayhew

I am going to do a game of the Week by the end of this week can you help me find a game that has been
published this week for a unofficial game of the week.


the fable of zelba by drtongue96, but make sure to ask him first by using the @ symbol to notify him

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@drtongue96 can I post your game here I will have a link to the forum post.

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Sure. Also, the permanent link is:

The Game of the Week Fable of Zelba By drtongue96
I used Google sites to make a site that I can edit and post games of the Week.


Next game of the Week is Pakpok By @demoCrash
Forum Link Pakpok
Game of the Week Page
Pakpok is a really nice and well made game and is game of the week this week


what about my ocarina of time game

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this is not continued anymore, right

No it is being continued I just haven’t seen games that I could add that are really fun to play.
The forum has been quiet and I have had lots of school, and I am kind of sick now so yes it is
being continued.

well I hope you feel better

ahh, i see. i hope you get better soon