Unreleased 2021 game: Arcade "flight sim"

Well, I acidentally posted this post before finishing it (and that got 4 likes for some reason?) but it’s whatever, I’ll just redo it. This is a game I made about 2 years ago, and it’s pretty bad. But I found it now as I was sorting some folders, so I decided to post it without any modifications to it.


- Accelerate
- Airbrake
SPACE (A) - Stop Y acceleration
ENTER (B) - Stop X acceleration
U (P2 A) - Reset plane to start
O (P2 B) - Toggle landing gear (no gameplay effect)


Top left corner - horizontal speed
Top right corner - vertical speed
Bottom left corner - horizontal distance from start
Bottom right corner - vertical distance from start (height)

And, here’s the game. Enjoy!


this game is cool.