Using an iPhone to program Circuit Playground, PyBadge - it CAN be done!

I thought I could not use my iPhone to do block programming with Makecode and transfer it to my device. I thought wrong! I don’t think this is IOS 16.0 required, but here is what I did.

  1. Install A-Shell for a “unix”-y environment on your phone
  2. Brought up the Makecode editor for CP or PyBadge.
  3. Wrote code
  4. Downloaded it - this is the tricky part
  5. Save the “code” as a file in a directory in your A-Shell space
  6. plug in the device (requires a lightning-to-USB connector, and a USB to USB mini connector)
  7. in A-SHELL navigate to the device (CPLAYBOOT or PYBADGE)
  8. cp ~/[FILEPATH/FILENAME (of the download) CURRENT.UF2

You will get an error message, but the downloaded file should replace the CURRENT.UF2 on the device.