Variable Jump Height

How to I make my 2d platformer so when I hold A, the player jumps higher, but a short tap makes the player jump lower?
If you know the game Celeste, or Hollow Knight, this is a feature, and i want to add it to my game, its a usefull mechanic for platformers


You could make it so that each second that the A button is pressed, the characters y-velocity decreases. This means short presses result in less upward speed, but long ones result in more. You would also want to add that on the A button being released, velocity should return to normal!

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the microsoft/arcade-platformer extension has this functionality built in!

also has a lot of other niceties like “coyote time” and a grace period for jump button presses


can you show me how to do this?

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If you send the code yeah, did you mean my or richard’s solution?

richards sorry.
i got the arcade-platformer extensions loaded but its really confusing to use.

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