Velocity Glitch? Actually: My usage of tilemaps

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I was making a storyline for my game, and at the end of the introduction animation, where the players walk are supposed to walk off the screen, they don’t. I tried to replicate the problem but I could not do it.

Any ideas why this may be happening?

Here is the link: (Can’t seem to figure out how to make the block with the game preview, etc.)
Here is the save file:

I will (try to figure out how to) upload a .gif soon of it happening.

Tilemaps constrain sprites (anything outside the tilemap acts as a wall). If you want them to move offscreen, you need to set them as Ghost sprites so they ignore walls.

@UnsignedArduino if you are on Windows, I personally recommend for recording gifs. It’s not a Microsoft thing, but it’s the best tool I’ve found!

Ah, that makes sense! Thank you so much!

@richard, I used a screen recorder and converted the gif online. It is definitely a long process. I will try screentogif. Thank you for the suggestion!

Well, I might as well show the result:


Easy solution. Add a column on the tilemap.

I want to see how the story continue…

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I just set them to ghost as @jwunderl says.
That means my game is working if you want to see the story continue. :slight_smile:
And you can follow updates in my Github repository if you really want to but you might get spammed at the rate I am committing changes. :wink: