Void Runner(demo)

A game where a sentient alien spaceship must escape the planet he is stuck on to return home. (https://arcade.makecode.com/#editor)

it took me to the editor if you don’t know how to share your game see in the top left when you are in microsoft makecode making your game or something else you see a button that says share then press it then go to the button where it says publish project then wait and then you’ll see a picture that looks like two chat bubbles that are orange press it then it will take you to the forum and then go to bottom left and you’ll see a blue button that says create topic + you press it then you have to wait for a moderator to put the game on the forum and done if you need more info just reply to this message

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Hey, the game sounds interesting but we cannot play it. You have to press the “share” button in the top left corner at the editor and press publish project. Then post the link here.

Fixed link(I think) https://makecode.com/_0p0aEk4tPeEa

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