War of ghost

Press a to create heroes and you need to protect your BASE!!(This game has no ending ) except when your base is destroyed


Oh my gosh. The gif is so crazy


Have you thought about waves?

So like it stops for a bit and a billion just come at you?

OMG, imagine trying to play on hardware!

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I think my phone will glitch out

my computer crashed


Ok maybe the hardware will crash

But you are still lucky that you have got a 1154 points

Yes it is crazy yep ghost king take over your kingdom base heh heh

Try This! https://makecode.com/_eH9ee19wVLxe This is AI version
It will create heroes itself

And this is original version https://makecode.com/_PoW8JD70yAXC

I feel like that it will crash my computer again

This is a great performance test XD

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