Way to see consecutive visit days?

Dang… I think I lost my 100+ day streak :frowning:

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Yeah, I want to see how many days I have left until the aficionado badge

@richard is there any way to see consecutive visit days or is that information only you guys have?

I don’t think I can see that information either! Discourse must track it internally somewhere…


how abut just code one isnt discourse like HTML I know you can code one like if been on in forum.makecode.com for at least a minute it will count a day if not then your consecutive days will be gone

Consecutive days are measured by ‘visiting’ every day. It’s hard to say for certain how discourse interprets that, but I usually open up a few posts, read them, read the replies - maybe like and reply to some interesing ones. It keeps me safe - so it’s hard to exactly make an extension (if that’s what you meant) that tracks this by only measuring time.
Speaking of which, I have the forum open on my pc essentially always so it wouldn’t really work out…