What to do when using a esp32s3 for a custom bord?

Hey, I am trying to add a new costum board to the editor while using a eps32-s3. Therefore I tried to copy the existing pxt-maker lib ‘espressif-esp32-devkit-c’ and there I need to update the pxt.json file. In this pxt.json file there is a section compilerServiceVariant that needs to be updated from ‘esp32’ to ‘esp32s3’. What worries me is that I obviously have to change the following dependencies too:
“dependencies”: {

  •    "core---esp32": "file:../core---esp32",*
  •    "settings---esp32": "file:../settings---esp32",*
  •    "wifi---esp32": "file:../wifi---esp32"*
  • },*

But how am I supposed to do that? I could not find any documention on how to generate or replicate such core oder settings lib since those also include a path to node_modules\pxt-common-packages\libs where again some more files exist that probably need to be adjusted.

Does anybody have an idea where I can find any information about how to adjust all this data or if there already exists a solution for the esp32s3.

Thank you in advance,