Who here wants to collab on a scary game

I’m working on animating it right now. I also tried to make the eyes look a little better if you don’t mind
And making the left and right animation better. (I never do something half done)

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ye its ok

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…. I’m done!
I did I few improvements
I hope you like it :grin::+1:

Here it is

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thx for making the preview tilemap we should make a trailer for this lol

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idk why i started on the gui?

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Ye its just a pink square lol

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Can you try to make it so that when it has no energy it doesn’t stop?

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suure so he will be just super slow

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Maybe I can merge your code with mine?

Now that that i’m done. Could you give me a new task? :+1::grinning:

Since the other guy is not done can you do the split screen part idk how to do that lol (im just dumb)

I finished it
Also made it so that it gradually decrease the speed based on how much energy the player has

p1 uses the camera follow block from tilemaps, then p2 uses the camera follow block from the split screen extension

I have just barely tried using it but ok.
Don’t we need another character then.
For two player mode?

yes you heard me Payer.

I added the menu for you press play you have the option to make 2 player and 1 payer

Ehhm you may have added it but you still need to post it

im very sorry if im not talking because of school so I’m just gonna be here rarely

Oh okey………. same😜

i am sadly stopping this collaboration project I will work on my own in the meantime i will let you know if the project is open for collaboration again