Why isn't my tilemap showing?

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I don’t know, you could try to go into scene and set a background color that’s a light color, or you could create a tile for the player to spawn on and go into scene then select ‘place my sprite on top of random _____’ and add it to “On start” Make sure to place the spawn tile on top of the walls and not in them.

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I’ll try that!

Okay i figured out how to fix it, you didn’t have a camera, so go into scene, scroll down till you see ‘set camera to follow Mysprite’ and add it into on start.

Thank you! That’s something I usually do at the beginning. I guess I’m being extra forgetful today! Ha!

no problem, happy to help, love your art btw!


Thank you! Creating sprites is probably my favorite thing to do while coding!

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