Windows XP in MakeCode! (WIP)


During the weekend, I made a very simple version of Windows XP in Makecode. So far, there are only a few features; these being the following:

  • Internet Explorer (There are only about 6 possible inputs currently, 1 doesn’t work.)
  • MS Paint (Very iffy, will be fixed soon!)
  • Playing Music
  • Opening Images
  • Setting Custom Wallpapers
  • Screensaver (Will be fixed soon!)

It is not very much, but I think for only a few hours this is pretty good! Let me know what you want to see added to this game Updates will be pretty frequent, but not as much as DOOM.

Here’s the link:

Have a great day!

*(P.S. the working inputs are as follows: a, Youtube (or youtube, or utube), Hi, image, image2, b, and codeasteregg)

(P.S.^2, Press A on an icon to open it, Press A on a tab to move it, Press A on the X Icon in the top right of the tab to close it, and Press A on the icon to the right of the X icon to get a bit of info on the image. Hold B to draw in MS Paint, Press B to change the color in MS Paint)*