World Explorer

A game that will be made by me and you guys! Feel free to collaborate!
This will be a full-fledged game with a goal of 100 levels!
But there will be mini-goals in between them.

  • Art (Drawings/Images)
  • Backstory (the Story beforehand…)
  • Bosses (the bad guys that want to stop you)
  • Color (your own color palette)
  • Characters (names/personalities)
  • Character Design (costumes/looks)
  • Enemies (just some small bosses)
  • Environment (Make a theme for the World Explorer Game)
  • Game (Make code for the game)
  • Help (lend a hand if someone else is having trouble)
  • Prototype (design a prototype for the game!)
  • Robots (design AI for the game)
  • Storyline (what would happen in the story?)
  • The Final Boss (who would our main character face in the end?!?!)

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Is it like a 2d Mario Odyssey where you travel to different open worlds, or more like a 2d Bowser’s Fury where it’s one big world? (I know it probably won’t be themed like Mario, but I’m just talking about the exploritive style)

If you want I can also help with making tiles for the tilemap, but I can’t do level design that well because I run out of ideas quickly but I can help with mechanics for levels.

Also is it top down or sidescroller? (i think the idea of a top down platformer would be cool, similar to Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga with less RPG elements)

Sorry for so many questions

Well, it’s going to be both (sidescroller on some levels, top down on the rest) and it will be a speedrunning game.

2D bowsers fury btw

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Sure I’ll so boss fight with @ursoalph and I’m alone for the backstory, but that should be easy :slight_smile:

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@E-EnerG-Gamecentral2 so it’ll be like Zelda 2 where it switches from sidescroll to top-down?


yes it will


i made a prototype from the first concept of @Kiwiphoenix364

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I actually made a prototype for art on Sunday (whoops)

I will implement the tiles to the game- thanks @ursoalph!


It has been implemented


I thought this was what you meant (but just with a much bigger world and more harder levels to enter and maybe enemies on the world map)