I can make song for you but cant make song that were made by other people

Template to make a submission

  • Discribe

  • Type of song

  • How long

Definitely is free:)

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Are you still doing the song for hyperdemon?

the song would be intense

i don’t know what this means? I guess dark?

a decent length to where it doesn’t sound repetitive but isn’t to long.

yea i will

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Hey @SoftTalker, Could you please make a song for me? It’s something like a adventure song that I would like to have. Calm, and peaceful type of song. And if it can be done, could you also make a loop song?
Thank you,
Shadow Knight

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on it!!!

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Can you please make a Song thats Calming and slow and than slowly gets faster and more intense Like 2 mins long pls