You Can't Hide

Yes, it is based off of that one video made by Rogurt. I mainly made this game for fun and because I was bored. I am willing to take it down if I have to since I didn’t really put much work into this.
arcade-You-Cant-Hide (2)
arcade-You-Cant-Hide (3)


Good start for beginner of raycasting game.
For usage of more features you can reference my extension post or this great example:

dude straight up lookin’ like aou oni bro…

This is a neat game, I might make a doom eternal inspired game using this if I can. Also sorry for being inactive for almost a year because I practically took a break from makecode. Also can you make it so you can add custom walls (Slabs, ceilings, small rooms, hills, trees, etc.) This is only a recommendation because if I want to make a doom game or a nextbot game with a giant map,I would need these.

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bro this jumpscare is insane.

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It’s a shame Obunga was removed from NN…

Happy cakeday!

HE WAS?!?!?

Rest in peace. The legend will live on.

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