Your Mini Adventure

Hey guys. About 8 months ago, I made a game for our School’s SciMaTech week (basically a Science/Math/Technology event) and I finished this game in under 2 weeks with the help of this forum! It took me a while to think about posting this on this forum, so here it is!

This game is made purely with blocks.

Oh! And here’s what I made for the synopsis of this game:
Game Title: Your Mini Adventure
Game Inspirations: Portal, Sonic the Hedgehog, Growtopia, Megaman
Game Genre: Platforming
Game Context: Wake up! A group of scientists train you at first in order to defeat slimes that are infesting this world. Your goal is to kill all slimes and save the world.

Enjoy the show!


wow! this is so cool!

Awesome game

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so um i am making a platformer game but i cant get the crouch collisions working, can u help?

if down button pressed then set mySprite