3 whole rhythm games

I don’t know if any one has actually made key rhythm games before, I’ve only seen geometry dash remakes. anyways ima list them all below in order from easiest to hardest.

We’ve tried playing Monkey and Rizumu on computer and iPhone but have had no luck with anything sensible happening. Suggestion: Arcade has “story” which we have used to scroll text information across the screen to give player instructions on how to make the game work. Maybe then we could figure it out?

I crashed the first one by having only 1 fps

I have a powerful computer so this was fine for me, but rizmu is a little hectic.

i lie rizumu the most just because it’s very easy because you don’t lose lives

:yum: :shushing_face:

cool games! do you want to help with our friday night funkin recreation?

yea @brandonon would make an amazing job on the friday night funkin recreation if he did these 3 he can do one more!

@girlwhocode just asking, why do you type in the @ mentions manually?

Just asking since it’s a new thing that i’ve been seeing.

When it appears like this:
That means that’s not a valid user - probably mistype.
When it’s like this:
That means it’s a valid user and they get a notification.

Also, when you are typing, some auto-complete should pop up like this:
Press Tab or click on the user you want to ping in that pop-up list.

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just because so the people who i mention know about the topic im talking about do you get me?

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Textbook facts right there, we’re back in school…

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@girlwhocode yeah I get you, just was asking since there’s an auto-mention function and yours was different.

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oh ok

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what just happened

what happened?

I was asking @girlwhocode why she (im guessing its she) typed in the @ mentions manually.

in a rhythm game thread?

lmao ye

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that’s not ADOFAI