3d Rpg (Dont think anyone thought of this)

What would you like to do
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Raycasting
  • Characters (BTW If he accepts, Cone guy is hero)
  • Other stuff (Ideas?)
  • Enemies
  • Weapons

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@Sarge @VerticalBoosts @Nerdiest @PixelDoodle @AqeeAqee @ChimbroDaPro @TheConeGuy

Your help would be appreciated
I have spent time looking
This would be makecodes first 3d RPG EVER!
Please post and help work on this as likes and credit will mostly be given to those who do the most work

I will frequently post and help as well


From @ArcherBright123
(P.s: Dont judge my account logo. I call it “How to make everyone uncomftable”)


Cool! @Lucas_M did start a 3D RPG once though. (It just never got finished.)

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hmm 3d could be anoying. you will have to do the interact, fighting,etc…

i can help you with the art if you insist

Also, is this a joke? Because if it’s actually meant to make people uncomfortable, then it probably shouldn’t be you profile picture… just saying.


I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again.

Yes, I can help, but I’m still working on a Pizza Tower Collab.
And if you know Pizza Tower, you know that it took 5 YEARS for the game to be finished, so…the collab is probably gonna take a while. Is that alright with you? :sweat_smile:

Its a joke

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Thats perfectly fine mate
Rome wasn’t Built in a day


When i say an RPG, We could mix it with a FPS
(Ok we need a better name for it)

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3D rpgs are confusing I can’t rap my head around sprites not going invisible and other visual glitches. Good luck on this project ! Probably won’t be helping that much but if you need help with a bug or something you can ping me.

Can I also Help With Story?