Dungeoneering 101 Rpg - - - Call for arms

I would like some help from you guys and a collab too if you want to. I’m trying to make a full-fledged RPG within MakeCode, and you guys seem to know what you’re doing, so if you could spare some time, I will take sprite designs, tips, area designs, dialogue, and music for the game. Who knows, maybe we could pull together a few bosses! So please, take some time and help a brother out.
Link for the game ~ https://makecode.com/_YbVbVi19qRKU

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Thank you! BTW I will help.

Here, use some weapon textures I made for Shaped. I don’t mind. Arsenal Sprites: https://makecode.com/_CRxAjPYdm11y
Good luck on your RPG, dude!

These are really cool! Thanks man!

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to working with you guys!

I’m late and @0lli3_B0ye probably doesn’t look at this but I would love to help. :sweat_smile:

Oh and also i added enemys. https://makecode.com/_JoMHo2CqbDga