A beauty sokoban/warehouse game

A sokoban/warehouse game , based on Warehouse(Adri314)
Thanks to Adri314 for great work, it inspired me!

And thanks to Arcade team for new releasing blocks in recent update(9 Feb 2022), most them are realy what I need indeed, minimised many blocks/functions.

Continuously upgrading, any suggestion/bug report are welcome !
Try it please, hope you like it! :sparkling_heart:

Open this page at https://aqeeaqee.github.io/sokoban/

What not change

  • To appreciate Adri314, I keeped 3 welcome splash images
  • 15 Levels
  • Basic frame

What’s New

  • Colorful tiles, all come from arcade inside.
  • Animate moving
  • Multi themes. 2 by now, can be more
  • Count-down standard step number ( of me, :upside_down_face: ) as “score”
  • To minimise blocks, “reblocked” almost all functions
  • Cheat level jump, changed from button-combo to long press A, then input level number

Level 1~7 grass theme 1~7 grass theme

Level 8~15 tomb theme 8~15 tomb theme


  • More level maps
  • Easier map definition, use player/box image directly, instead of vary floors
  • Some complex map support, e.g. box on goal tile already at start
  • Stars earned after each level, and save High Score into storage
  • Player walking animation, with 4 sides facing
  • Building guide of new level maps
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