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I just made a clone of Sokoban in Arcade. I had to tweak somethings to make it work, but I am happy with the result. Enjoy!

Edit: I added 5 new levels and a cheat combo. If you press down and a at the same time you skip a level.


Ahh, Sokoban is great (and so is this)! Great job!

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Thanks! It was a lot of fun to code.

I don’t know what the original is, but this is awesome!

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Thank you! The original and versions going around are great. There’s lots of levels now.

@tballmsft mini world?

for sure

I LOVE this! I haven’t played a Sokoban game in ages, and I forgot how fun and challenging they are. Done in Blocks, too! I enjoyed looking through your code to see how you implemented it. Nicely done!

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@ganicke could you add it to the homescreen?

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Sure, I’ll put it on there.

Thanks for your words! It was a lot of fun to code and I learned a lot from it. I usually code in blocks on MakeCode because I run a Code Club at an elementary school and I am always looking for things that the kids can do there.