A little help guys

DvD screen-saver tried to make a classic thing but cant get it to change color, anyone know how to help?

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I tried to figure out why the color can’t change, but I couldn’t. It may be something to do with the text sprite. I made a screen saver though, and you can look at/use the code from that if you want.


Thanks but i meant that when it hits the wall it would change colors

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@daPokekid360, I meant that I tried to make the text change color on a wall collision, but it wasn’t working for some reason. Also, my screen saver used code that made it change color on a wall impact (In case you wanted to look at/use it).

Maybe it would be better to check for some onHittingWall property, but I could not find it.

But this works as I understand that you want, at least:

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Also, maybe you could achieve the necessary overlap/collision event that I could not find out of the box with this extension by @richard, perhaps either begin overlap with or is within region?:

@makecode or anyone: Are there any other ways to detect collision with or being within the screen boundries of 120x80 for text sprites, other than my proposed check of changing vx OR vy when hitting the screen boundries and bouncing in new directions, without using extensions and tilemaps?

I mean, you can always do things the hard way:

The easier way would be to just use the “on hit wall” event to change the color.

BTW, there is a check for if you are hitting a wall in the bottom of the scene category