A problem on bluetooth uart read by micro:bit makecode

Hi All,

I am new to micro:bit makecode and encounter problem when the micro:bit is reading from App Inventor using bluetooth uart.

The app is created which there are two buttons, one called “start” and the other called “apply”. When “start” button is clicked, the string “Start.” will send from the App Inventor side through WriteRxCharacteristics uart to the micro:bit side. I have successfully receive the word “Start” using bluetooth on data received “.” and bluetooth read until “.”. After that I ask the micro:bit to continuously write the light level to the App Inventor until some buttons are pressed on micro:bit.

While at the same time, there’s a button on the App called “apply” which when clicked, will send an indicator (which is a string “Y$”) to the micro:bit. This time I use bluetooth on data received “$” and bluetooth read until “$”. However the “Y” cannot be read on the mirco:bit side.

May I know how it can be solved?