MaqueenPlus with Micro:bit V2 and BlocklyTalky

Hi guys!
I am writing tou you, because I have a problem. I would like to create an app in App Inventor for controling my MaqueenPlus robot with micro:bit V2. I did create an app so far using BlocklyTalky for communication between app on my Android phone and micro:bit. I also tried to import a programm from MakeCode to micro:bit via USB. But I get 927 error, because unfortunately micro:bit V2 does not work with BlocklyTalky. I have read that it is compatible with V1 version so far. Could you guys please help me with it? Is there any possibility to connect micro:bit V2 to App Inventor app to control it with phone? Or maybe I can change software on microbit board from V2 to V1? Is there any possibility to do such an app? Please let me know and thank you for your help:)

Hi @Maciek21,

You might be able to use the Bluetooth UART service instead or BlocklyTalky.

Here are a few things you may want to look in to:

Good luck!