A Problem with my game, I don't know what it could be!

When the code runs in my game, at some point during a fade to black, the game freezes. It doesn’t even have an error crash. The game just keeps running as a black screen. None of the buttons work, not even the menu button, and the same thing happens every time I reset the game.

Can anyone help?

I think you should try doing the debug mode because that can indicate if something is wrong with the code. I hope this works also nice artwork.

I fixed it by removing the controls function and putting the contents of the function into the “while true” block. After that I changed the “while true” block to an “if true then” block and put the contents of the “while true” block into the “if true then” block. Here’s the game:

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It is not appropriate to use a while loop in this place. The CPU will always execute the statements of this loop and has no free time to do other things.

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I don’t see anything wrong with this code, the fade works perfectly into the save slot(s) scree.

Maybe you should try to reset the palette after the screen fades to black?

Oh, that’s what was happening. Thank you!

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thank you too @Kiwiphoenix364