I need some MORE help

okay, okay, I know. I should be done with this already, which I almost am, but I’ve run into a wall. Somewhere in my code there is an error, and I don’t know what it is. Here is the link. I’ve been looking for hours now, I can’t get anything.

The weird thing is, that it doesn’t even get past my “Show Instruction” function, which, well shows the instructions of what to do in the game. Anytime I’ve had a bug, it got past this and would only null itself when the level’s started. Now it doesn’t even get to the title screen before bugging out.

I know for sure it isn’t the grey block on the “On Start” loop because every other function starts before it does, but the game doesn’t even run before bugging out.

I think the javascript didnt get converted to blocked

Did you check, kyle?

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Yes I remove it and the game loaded and i got to play

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