A Roblox Doors Remake

Hi there! I made this game like a year ago and finally it is finished!
I never told you guys about this but cool huh?
The game https://arcade.makecode.com/S60388-88342-33130-58717
This was made when hotel+ didn’t exist yet.
Play tested by my sis and 100% made by me.
The gameplay is the same as Doors so learn from your deaths, I guess.
Plz tell me your records! I put a lot of effort in this thing!
Tell me if there is bugs and glitches!


Is the cheat code 0000?

WOW this is AMAZING!! SOOO much detail, the music, the art, the gameplay, the MONSTERS!! Very very fun and one of my new favorites. I can tell it took a while as it is perfect and polished! My sister LOVES horror games and is great at doors… I managed to make it to room 12 before the smile one got me! Love it!



plz dont use cheats dev only

Minor Update!

But I need an answer

I’m scared of doors…

nope lol

What’s the code???

im not telling you i swear

ITS 0000 (sentence)


i have seen this “sentence” thing for a while now. i looked it up but couldn’t find anything. can you explain what it means?


When someone’s post is shorter than 5 characters and has no lowercase letters, you can’t post it because makecode doesn’t think it is a sentence and you have to change it! In reality you have to do is add a few lowercase letters, but most don’t realize this and add ‘sentance’ because that is the most obvious answer.


It is not 0000

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u r a winner!!!11!!!11!!!

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Really complex code @Longlinh89. Totally.

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I can help with music.

How then?

Why add it if only you can use it? Just unpublish the game if you are gonna do that