Microsoft MakeCode

Adafruit Makecode questions

The Adafruit version does not have:
Github Connection
Wiring when a pin is connected
Additional boards from Adafruit
Collapsible blocks
Correct Panning or zoom

Not sure what you mean by not having correct panning and zooming. You can pan and zoom in the CPX version of MakeCode.
For clarification, is specifically for the Circuit Playground Express board. is the one with lots of other boards as well as breadboarded circuit wiring simulator.
I believe github connection is only in Arcade right now.
Collapsible blocks look awesome, hopefully they’ll roll out into other versions, currently only in microbit version AFAIK.

Thx John, most of these items listed are in the Makecode for the metro MO board. I moved over to the circuit playground and seen the discrepancies.

Concerning the pan and soon it works different than most programs, as the only is thru the + and - . Most programs allow the center wheel.

But, in thinking about all the web based stuff I have used, that may be normal.

May see ya tomorrow

I forgot the biggest issue. The circuit playground makecode does not support Python??

You can use the scroll wheel to scroll vertically in normal usage, scroll horizontally by using shift + wheel, and to zoom in and out by using command (control on windows I think) + wheel.
Click-dragging with the middle mouse button/wheel does vertical and horizontal panning.

You can use Python in the beta version.

I’ve upgraded the beta of to the latest makecode goodies. It’s a beta; things might be broken too.

thx, the project I am doing is integrating with Amazon Alexa Connect Kit. They have some Arduino sketches and that is about it. I really like Makecode, but may have to do it arduino first.

John, you are on today?

It hasn’t broke yet, I will try.

Question, I have MANY arduino libraries and looiking to use in MAKECODE. I was able to find a BINDER called SWIG and starting to use Visual Studio Code. Do you think this is a viable option and then import into makecode?

We strongly recommend rewritting them in typescript.

you assume I know how… I guess I’ll learn, wish me luck