functions in MakeCode?

Hello all!
I am a STEAM teacher using the Ada Fruit Circuit Playgrounds in conjunction with the curriculum.
However, I regularly have problems with students getting behind and not being able to catch up since they don’t have access to circuit boards from home.

I know that MakeCode has a digital version of the circuit board, but when we copy and paste JavaScript code from the’s App Lab, MakeCode doesn’t recognize any of the App Lab circuit board functions.

Does anyone know of an extension or library that would make commands compatible with MakeCode?

I think it depends on which version of the Circuit Playground you have. The Classic version has a different architecture and won’t work with MakeCode…but if you’re using the Express, it should work with both CS Discoveries and MakeCode.

I don’t believe there’s currently an extension to translate from one library to another, but if you’re using the Express in both cases, it should be possible for someone to create one.